Don Lucero

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

A simple design inspires creativity.

The earth has always given me so much inspiration to create. Today my art has evolved out the the mist of my youth. From a very young age I was always drawn to the feel, smell and texture of mud between my hands. It comes of no surprise that clay is my grounding element. My art has helped me remain young at heart with no boundaries or expectations. I am free to create without limits.

About the Artist

Don Lucero's work is myserious, complex and thought provoking. Viewed from a different angle or space, the same piece my take on a totally different realm and feeling. During his youth he was fortunate to have spent time in the tranquil and meditative countrysides of Greece and Japan. Those years helped infuse and set the foundation which can easily be felt and seen in his work today. Don is originally from Albuquerque with a degree in business marketing. After college he surrounded himself with many artists, writers and creative people who encouraged him to forge into his own art. His art emerged in 2002. That same year he was invited to show his work at the Capital Building in Santa Fe, NM during the legislative session. Don was also accepted into his first Fine Art gallery. Don's work has been collected by private collectors ranging from New York to China. He is continuing to forge his way as a contemporary fine art artist.